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Poland Starts Building Wall at Belarus Border Due to Illegal Migration

Poland has begun building the iron wall in Tolcha, the neighboring village with Belarus, after life-threatening illegal border crossings occurred last year.

The 348-million-euro wall is set to be five and a half meters high and 186 kilometers long, covering about half of the total length of the border and equipped with thermal imaging cameras and motion sensors, reports.

Last year, thousands of migrants were left stranded at the border between Belarus and Poland as the two countries pushed migrants toward each other, leaving many frozen to death. More than a dozen Polish immigrants and two officers have died during the border crisis between Belarus and the European Union.

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“The Belarusian side is ready to do anything when it comes to provocations, so we have to be prepared for any kind of events,” said Major Arkadiusz Tomaszewsky, deputy commander of the border guards in Konica, where the incidents occurred last year.

Tensions with Belarus escalated due to recent protests and other social explosions that occurred after President Alexander Lukashenko won national elections for three constructive terms – being the country’s only president since 1994 when he was first elected.

>> Poland is building a wall of 186 kilometers on its border with Belarus

Moreover, a rift between Belarus and EU member states became the situation with Ryanair, the Irish airline flying to Lithuania, which was forced to land in Belarus while Roman Protasevic, the Belarusian journalist and activist who publicly objected to Lukashenko’s regime. After being arrested for participating in a protest, while still in high school, Protacevic and his family moved to Poland years ago.

EU member states denounced Lukashenko’s orders and punished not only individuals, but also sectoral departments in an attempt to drain the financial vein of the system.

>> The Council of the European Union suspends the visa facilitation agreement for officials of the Belarus regime

In response, Belarus began accepting and even attracting refugees from the Middle East fleeing their country due to social wars, difficult economic conditions or ongoing wars such as the citizens of Afghanistan.

According to the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang documents that were found on the borders of Poland and Belarus indicate that the travel agencies of the latter offered migrants passage into the country with the promise of safe and easy access to Western European countries. Group tours marketed to immigrants cover the actual trip and the necessary documents providing entry to Belarus.

Polish Foreign Minister Mariusz Kaminski revealed earlier that the government has sheltered more than 15,000 refugees from Belarus.

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