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Poland Shortens Quarantine Period for Unvaccinated & Unrecovered Travellers

The Polish government has revealed that the country will now apply less stringent rules to incoming travelers who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the virus.

According to data provided by Poland’s government, unvaccinated and non-exempt travelers are now required to remain self-isolating for seven days only if they fail to meet entry rules.

Previously, Poland implemented a 14-day quarantine requirement for unvaccinated and non-well-being travelers, reports.

Although quarantine requirements generally apply to all travelers who do not meet COVID-19 entry measures, different rules apply to travelers from the European Union and to travelers from other countries.

The Polish authorities have clarified that when traveling from an EU/Schengen area country and Turkey, the seven-day quarantine requirement applies only to travelers who do not hold a valid vaccination or refund certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result.

However, it has been emphasized that non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers from the EU/Schengen area and Turkey, as well as those who do not undergo a negative test, can end their quarantine 48 hours after entering Poland. The quarantine period can be ended by taking a COVID-19 test, which must be negative.

Quarantined travelers will be able to take a test 48 hours after crossing the border; A negative result of the said test will mean exemption from quarantine,” the Polish government said in a statement.

Poland accepts both polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and rapid antigen tests.

On the other hand, different rules apply to unvaccinated and non-exempt travelers arriving in Poland from a third country.

Travelers from other countries who do not hold a valid vaccination or refund certificate, as well as those who did not undergo the mandatory COVID-19 test before arriving in Poland, need to remain in self-isolation for seven days.

Differently from arrivals from the EU/Schengen area, travelers from other countries who do not submit the required documents are not allowed to shorten their self-isolation period.

This means that travelers from other countries are only allowed to enter Poland without restrictions if they have undergone a COVID-19 test before entering Poland and have a valid vaccination or refund permit.

Poland only recognizes vaccination cards that prove that the holder has completed the initial vaccination with one of the accepted doses of the vaccine within the past nine months or has received a booster dose.

For certificates of return, the state accepts them as long as the document proves that the holder has tested positive for the virus within the past six months.

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