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Poland Marked Notable Increase in Number of Residence Permit Applications, in 2021

A record number of residence permit applications by foreigners were processed by Polish district offices over the past year, according to figures provided by the country’s Foreigners Office.

At the same time, the report shows that a total of 270,000 decisions were issued during 2021, an increase of 30 percent compared to the figures for 2020.

The majority of foreigners were interested in living in Poland for business purposes, reports.

The Office for Foreigners Affairs revealed that the following regions issued the most important number of decisions regarding residence permits in Poland:

Mazowiecki District Office – 80.5 thousand Decision of the Malopolska District Office – 31.8 thousand Decision of the Wielkopolska Voivodship Office – 28.5 thousand Decision of the Lower Silesian District Office – 26.3 thousand Decision

According to the report, all offices completed more procedures in terms of legalizing the residence of foreigners compared to the 2020 figures.

Last year, the largest increase in the number of decisions issued was noted in the following offices:

Lower Silesian Provincial Office – by 100 per cent Warmia and Mazuri Voivodeship Office – by 76 per cent Kojawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Office – by 50 per cent Silesian Voivodeship Office – by 41 per cent

Among the decisions made by district offices last year, nearly 81 per cent were positive decisions about granting a residence permit. The percentage of negative decisions was 15 percent, and just over 4 percent of cases were stopped,” the statement read.

The report shows that the largest number of decisions received during the past year were from citizens of the following countries:

Ukraine (190.000 people) Belarus (20,000 people) Georgia (9,000 people)

The number of appeal cases in the field of legalization of residence is also constantly increasing. In the previous year, the Aliens Office completed nearly 110 percent. The statement revealed more measures than in 2020.

Last month, the Polish government announced that it has implemented new changes to immigration laws in order to facilitate procedures for obtaining work and residence permits for third-country nationals.

The new changes included removing some requirements, such as confirmed place of residence or income requirements.

The Polish Office of Foreigners recently announced that the number of asylum applications in Poland last year witnessed a significant increase.

The same showed that a total of 7.7 thousand applications for international protection were submitted during the past year.

The same showed that the increase in the number of requests was mainly a consequence of the situation in Belarus, the migration of Iraqi citizens through Belarusian routes, the evacuation of Afghan collaborators from the Polish army and diplomacy.

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