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Poland Has Hosted 15,000 Refugees From Belarus in 2021

Polish Foreign Minister Mariusz Kaminski revealed during the international conference “Border Management” that the Polish government absorbed 15,000 refugees from Belarus last year.

The foreign minister went on to say that a migration crisis similar to the one in 2015 when thousands of migrants died was about to occur in Europe in recent years, reports.

The post-Soviet Lukashenka regime was motivated by a desire to retaliate against Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia for the support we provided to the Belarusian opposition regarding political refugees. In Poland alone, after 2020, when there were large protests and repressions after rigged elections, we absorbed about 15 thousand political refugees from Belarus, ”said the minister during the conference held in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

>> The United Nations urges Poland to take in migrants stranded at the border with Belarus

He also noted that his government has not and will not refuse to provide assistance to refugees, as thousands of such refugees flooded the central European country in 2020 and 2021.

During this international conference, the members concluded that “the security and integrity of the Schengen area cannot be threatened. The internal territory can only function effectively if the external borders are adequately protected”.

According to the Polish Office of Foreigners, of the 7,700 applications submitted in the country last year, about 2,300 of those, or 30 percent, came from Belarusians seeking international protection in Poland in an attempt to escape an unsafe situation in their home country.

The same source also reveals that nearly 100 percent of Belarusians were able to apply for international protection in Poland with decisions issued to 1,200 people, of which 95.44 percent were positive and 0.2 percent negative. Additionally, 4.5 percent resulted in recalls.

However, the anti-migration crisis war with Belarus affects not only Poland as it is a neighboring country but also the Baltic states such as Lithuania and the European Union as a whole. Previously, MEPs said that the EU should stand united in its approach to the Belarusian system.

In other words, the situation escalated with Belarus as its president, Alexander Lukashenko, is suspected of tampering with the elections, which chose him as head of the Belarusian government for the third time in a row – since 1994. Moreover, Belarusian travel agencies have also been accused of luring refugees from the Middle East By entering the country under false hopes of reaching Western European countries. After arriving in Belarus, many people fleeing their countries of origin in the Middle East were left in limbo as Poland refused to take them, and Belarus pushed them into the forests towards the border with Poland. As a result, a number of refugees died due to the cold temperatures they were experiencing at the border.

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