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Poland Facilitates Work Permit Application Procedures for Third Country Nationals

The Polish government has amended laws on immigration, facilitating the procedures for obtaining work and residence permits for third-country nationals.

The amendment act, published on the government’s official website, specifies that income or confirmed place of residence requirements are no longer a priority for third-country nationals to obtain a temporary residence or work permit, reports.

Moreover, the same document reveals that foreign nationals will have access to the simplified system for changing residence and work permits if they change their positions or employers.

In addition, the law regulates the foreigner’s wages, which cannot be less than the minimum wage for work, regardless of time worked, work performance and other factors.

“Thus, the provision will make it possible to take into account cases in which a foreigner is entrusted with work, which will result in a compulsory right to health insurance in accordance with Article 66 sec. 1 of the Law of August 27, 2004 on health care services financed by public funds,” as stated in law.

For people who wish to change their temporary residence and work permit statuses, it is important to prove that they have performed their work – they will be exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit.

Moreover, for third-country nationals working in businesses essential to the Polish economy, the government can obtain temporary residence or work permits through accelerated procedures.

Another significant change from the amendment of the law includes qualified individuals who include those who work in institutions promoting employment and the labor market, which relates to the period of work allowed on the basis of a declaration on the assignment of work to a foreigner, will be able to prolong their own work. Permits up to 24 months. Currently, those under such a situation cannot extend the validity of their permit for more than six months each year.

Furthermore, Article 1 of the Employment Promotion and Labor Market Institutions Act specifies that third-country nationals holding a humanitarian visa will be able to use labor market services, such as training job seekers.

The latest amendment will benefit most people who arrived in Poland through Belarus as well as Belarusians themselves who fled their homeland due to unsafe conditions. Recently, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariusz Kaminski, revealed that 15,000 Belarusian refugees have been accommodated in the country.

Moreover, the Polish Office of Aliens revealed that of the 7,700 applications filed in the country last year, about 2,300 of those – representing 30 percent of all applications, came from Belarus, where thousands of people were seeking international protection in Poland.

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