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Petrol Tourism Rapidly Growing in Hungary After Introduction of Fuel Price Cap

Low fuel prices drive the citizens of Slovakia to neighboring countries such as Hungary and Poland to fill up their tanks daily.

At the same time, according to the report of Új Szó, diesel and gasoline prices, which were recently capped in Hungary, are very low. In addition, small local pumping stations are facing difficulties in continuing their business, reports.

On the other hand, the authorities in Slovakia reported that fuel prices have registered a significant increase in recent months.

According to a survey conducted by the fuel site, the average price of a liter of diesel in recent days is about 1.43 euros, while the average price of unleaded 95 gasoline is about 1.53 euros.

In this regard, the liberal news site spoke with a Hungarian as a station owner, expressing concern about the current situation.

“There is a lot of traffic. More and more people are coming every day. It is frustrating. I now hope that people will go somewhere else to refill their tanks. At the fixed price, it is not worth selling a lot of gasoline. The gas station owner noted, “I can’t help but I hope we can live through this period.”

The restrictions on diesel and gasoline prices have also been criticized by the Secretary General of the Hungarian Petroleum Association, Otto Grad.

“It would be better to stop the cap, despite rumors that it is likely to be extended instead,” Grad stressed regarding the current situation.

He pointed out that the actual market price of gasoline, at the present time, will be approximately 1.47-1.53 ​​euros, which prompted distributors to book losses ranging between 0.11 and 17 euros per liter.

Based on the report published by Hungary today, in Poland, the government lowered taxes instead of imposing a price cap. The same shows that the average price of a liter of gasoline is 1.15 euros, while the price of a diesel is 1.16 euros, so a Slovak car driver can easily save 18 euros when filling his tank with 45 liters of gasoline.

Likewise, the situation is also in Hungary, where the government imposed a price cap on diesel and petrol last November. According to local reports in Hungary, this decision came in response to the sharp rise in fuel prices in European countries, driven by inflation as well as increased demand.

The report published by Uj Szo indicated that a large number of people are trying to take advantage of the limited fuel prices in Hungary.

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