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Passengers Face Longer Border Controls at Belgian Airports Due to Work to Rule Action

Belgian authorities have announced that passengers who plan to use the country’s airports today, October 29, and this weekend may face extended border controls and flight delays, as the federal police plan to take action on the ruling.

Because of the measure, Brussels Airport has informed passengers that longer-than-normal wait times are possible today, and advised everyone with a flight within the Schengen area to be at the airport two and a half hours in advance.

On the other hand, for those who will be traveling to a country outside the Schengen area, the airport advised to arrive at least three and a half hours before their flight, reports.

“Due to the national action to rule the measures by the federal police unions, today longer waiting times are possible at Brussels Airport. Brussels Airport wrote today on its official Twitter account: “We advise travelers to come to the airport early: 2.5 hours in advance for Schengen flights, and 3.5 -4 hours in advance for non-Schengen members.

In addition, the same advised that all people use public transportation if possible.

However, when asked if drop-off offices are open if passengers arrive two to three hours early, they did not give a specific answer because each airline decides on its own operating rules.

The procedure actually began early this morning at Brussels Airport, leading to long queues at passport control. It is assumed that the procedure will continue over the weekend as well, but no official announcement has been made regarding the matter yet.

Although the police took such measures in response to staff shortages, wage negotiations and precarious working conditions, passengers were not happy to wait for such a long period.

“Easy to say unless you arrive from a connecting flight. It’s an absolute mess! One hour already waited. Oh, and then all the officers went to take a break at the same time, bringing everything to a halt,” commented a Twitter user named Gordon under an airport mail. Brussels.

Brussels Airport previously announced through a press release that more than 430,000 passengers are expected to depart during the autumn holidays, which is 60 percent less than the number of those who traveled through the airport during the pre-pandemic period, but much higher compared to the figures recorded last year. .

Previously, the Belgian authorities announced that all those who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from the disease will be obligated to carry the corresponding certificates on the passenger locator form upon their return to Belgium.

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