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Over 90% of Poles Welcome Ukrainian Refugees in Poland, Survey  Reveals

Recent research by Poland’s Institute of Market and Social Research (IBRiS) revealed that more than 90 percent of Poles believe that Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in their country should be accepted into Poland.

The European Commission’s website on integration announced, in a press release issued on March 3, that about 58 percent of respondents agreed that all refugees from Ukraine should be welcome in Poland, while 35 percent believed that these are the Only those most at risk and those who need it most should be admitted, reports.

On the other hand, only three percent of respondents prefer to set up camps for Ukrainian refugees, and only one percent are against receiving refugees in Poland and providing support.

Such data show that the Poles strongly support these refugees fleeing the Russian invasion.

“The survey also found that most Poles are aware of the possibility of a large-scale migration of refugees from Ukraine to Poland. One in three expects millions of people to arrive, and another in three expects hundreds of thousands to arrive. According to the Polish border services, between February 24 and March 3, more than 600,000 refugees from Ukraine – mostly women and children – entered Poland.

The poll was conducted on February 25 among 1,100 Polish adults.

As of 7 am on March 2, the Polish government announced that more than 474,500 people had entered Poland.

Besides Ukraine’s other neighboring countries, Poland has also helped refugees from Ukraine significantly by increasing the number of staff and keeping all border crossing points operational.

In addition, the Polish authorities have organized 27 reception points for refugees throughout the country.

“All people fleeing Ukraine from armed conflict, and who do not have a guaranteed place of residence in Poland, can go to the reception point,” the authorities added.

Two neighboring countries, Moldova and Romania, also recorded large numbers of arrivals from Ukraine.

Moreover, on March 1, more than 38,461 Ukrainian citizens traveled to Romania, and about 65,391 refugees entered Moldova.

Besides, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency announced, through a press release on February 28, that the agency is monitoring the situation in Ukraine and its borders with EU member states, indicating its readiness to provide its support.

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