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Over 474,500 Ukrainians Have Entered Poland Since February 24, Polish Authorities Reveal

The Polish government has revealed that more than 474,500 people have entered Poland since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

In an email exchange, a Polish government official revealed to that on March 1, about 98,000 refugees entered Poland.

In addition, the same order revealed that from midnight until yesterday, by seven in the morning, 21,500 people had entered Poland from Ukraine.

Similar to Ukraine’s other neighboring countries, Poland has been helping refugees from Ukraine by increasing the number of staff as well as by keeping all border crossing points operational.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Polish border guards have reinforced the number of workers at border crossings. All border crossings are still operating, and their capacity has been increased. Polish authorities said there was pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all eight border crossings with Ukraine.

According to the Polish authorities, the rulers of the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie regions, as well as other regions throughout Poland, have organized reception points for people fleeing Ukraine. They revealed that there are 27 refugee reception points across the country.

“All people fleeing Ukraine from armed conflict, and who do not have a guaranteed place of residence in Poland, can go to the reception point,” the authorities added.

At reception points in Poland, all refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine are provided with food and basic medical care, as well as a place to stay. Apart from being able to receive basic medical care at one of the reception points, refugees are also provided with free access to other Polish health services.

In addition to the above, the Polish authorities have also set up 22 information points for Ukrainian refugees, in all provincial cities, in particular at railway stations. In addition, information points have been set up at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw as well as at Chopin Airport.

At these information points, Ukrainian refugees can receive basic information on how to get support in Poland. Those who wish to move into free accommodation are assisted by firefighters of the State Fire Service.

“Firefighters of Podkarpackie and Lubelskie Voivodships, with the support of firefighters from other provinces, are helping refugees from Ukraine who are seeking help in our country. The Polish authorities told that firefighters from the State Fire Service and the Voluntary Fire Service are also supporting the operation of reception points from By supplying the tents with heaters, beds, chairs, tables, etc.

Poland has also appointed police officers at all points of arrival of Ukrainian refugees in order to ensure their safety.

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