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Over 4,100 Migrants Reached Spain in January

More than 4,115 migrants arrived in Spain illegally in January, which is a 42.3 percent increase over figures for the same period in 2021.

According to a report published by Info Migrants, the highest number of arrivals during January 2022 was recorded in the Canary Islands, reports.

A total of 4,202 migrants entered Spain illegally by land and sea in January 2022, or 30.6 percent compared to figures for the same period in 2021.

Data from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior showed that the majority of people who arrived in Spain landed in the Canary Islands, or a total of 3,194.

According to figures provided by the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration, at least 65 migrants lost their lives or were reported missing while trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Canaries in January 2022.

The same source shows that at least 26 migrants died or were reported missing on the western Mediterranean migration route between Spain and the North African coast.

However, the number is likely to be much higher, considering the many deaths at sea that were never recorded.

Recently, figures provided by the migration NGO Walking Borders revealed that a total of 4,404 migrants died trying to enter Spain illegally over the past year, which is more than double the number who lost their lives in 2020.

These figures published by Walking Borders were much higher compared to data provided by the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“It’s horrible. These are the worst numbers we’ve seen since we started counting in 2007,” Walking Borders president Helena Malino noted.

According to the report published by Walking Border, the most significant number of people who lost their lives during 2021 were people coming from North Africa to the Spanish Canary Islands.

The report revealed that “the policies of deterrence and discord imposed by Europe and Morocco on the routes of the western Mediterranean have steadily pushed migration flows towards the Atlantic Ocean, making the Canary Islands the main destination for people on the move.”

In addition, figures provided by Walking Borders revealed that a large number of women and children have lost their lives trying to reach Spain illegally.

The statement released by the group at the time revealed that “a total of 628 women and 205 children lost their lives due to the cemetery exodus.”

The European border agency, Frontex, recently announced that the number of illegal border crossings at the EU’s external borders has also increased over the past year, after nearly 200,000 detections were registered.

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