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Over 4 Million Ukrainian Refugees to Reach EU by July, UNHCR Predicts

In an effort to help Ukrainian refugees, UNHCR has launched the Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP), the inter-agency agency that intends to provide assistance to Ukrainians fleeing their country and reaching European Union member states. . More specifically, UNHCR reveals that more than four million Ukrainian citizens may flee the country and seek asylum from the 27-nation bloc.

According to a report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the RRP, in cooperation with 12 partners such as national and international UN agencies, intends to assist some 2.4 million refugees and asylum seekers in the European Union, reports.

Despite the extraordinary pace and challenges, the response of governments and local communities to receiving these million refugees has been remarkable. “UNHCR staff have already moved across the region and are scaling up protection and assistance programs for refugees, to support host governments,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, noting that during his 40-year career, he had not seen mass displacement of this kind. the speed.

Among the countries hosting this agency are Ukraine’s neighbors such as Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. UNHCR data reveals that the total number of refugees expected by July 2022 will reach four million in the European Union, with the majority of asylum seekers moving to Poland (1.5 million), Hungary and Romania, 250,000 each.

While Moldova is estimated to be home to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and Slovakia is around 60,000, the remaining countries can expect more than 1.8 million asylum seekers during this period.

Moreover, the total regional budget summary for each country comes to 504 million euros, with the largest amount allocated to Poland at 185 million euros, followed by Moldova with 111 million euros, and 87.5 million euros collected in other countries.

In addition, about 29 million euros will be provided to Hungary, 30 million euros to Slovakia, and about 60 million euros to Romania.

The main objectives of this initiative include:

Supporting host countries to ensure that every Ukrainian citizen can be safe and have access to international protection Supporting host countries to assist refugees and vulnerable third country nationals Facilitating the search for a solution for refugees from Ukraine Provides effective coordination of partners at the country and regional level to support host countries

Among the response priorities, the RRP has included facilitating border point checks in an effort to establish additional reception, translation and transportation services for refugees. Furthermore, the immediate needs known to date include strengthening and supporting access to mental health for refugees, as well as the provision of food, unrestricted cash assistance, and core relief items.

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