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Over 3,000 Ukrainians Have Sought International Protection & Filed Asylum Applications in Finland

Since February 24, authorities have revealed that 2,395 Ukrainians have sought international protection in Finland, and 648 asylum applications have been submitted.

According to a press release from the Finnish Immigration Services, Ukrainian refugees can receive temporary protection in the Scandinavian country or elsewhere in the European Union, given the exceptional circumstances in Ukraine, reports.

More than two million people left Ukraine. Although only a fraction of them have arrived in Finland, we are still seeing an increase in the number of Ukrainians seeking international protection in Finland as well, revealed Antti Littinen, director of the Asylum Unit.

Ukrainians who receive temporary protection, are exempt from individual assessment of the need for protection, and the situation allows refugees to work and study in the country after a residence permit is granted. The Finnish government has already issued the first decisions on temporary protection residence permits for incoming Ukrainians.

Ukrainians who have already applied for asylum can apply for temporary protection. The processing of your asylum application will be delayed until a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection is granted.

Moreover, the immigration services arranged additional accommodations for incoming Ukrainian refugees arriving at reception centers. About 2,000 housing units and 27 reception centers were opened – seven of them are for palaces. Asylum seekers and persons under temporary protection can live in reception centres, while being eligible for different reception center services.

Finland claims that it monitors immigration at its borders and is ready to increase the number of accommodation if more Ukrainian refugees arrive in the country.

β€œIt is important that the organizers of voluntary transport notify the Finnish Immigration Service in advance to allow the authorities to prepare for the relevant accommodation needs and the needs of people arriving on the means of transport,” said Pekka Notinen, director of the reception unit.

In addition, the Finnish Immigration Service notes that it can guarantee new reception centers in cooperation with municipalities, NGOs and various companies, depending on the situation.

Institutions in Finland mobilized to help Ukrainian refugees, with many Finnish universities providing assistance to their Ukrainian counterparts. Previously, the University of Helsinki provided support for students’ health and well-being, as well as helping them attend non-scientific studies.

The University of Eastern Finland also pledged to enroll about 20 Ukrainian students, in addition to covering living and travel expenses.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of people have fled the country and 3.2 million have arrived in the European Union.

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