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Only One Week Left for Britons to Apply for Finnish Residence Permit

British authorities have announced that British citizens only have until September 30 to apply for a Finnish residence permit if they want to continue living in the country.

The Finnish Immigration Service has reminded British citizens to apply for a residence permit until the September 30 deadline in order to continue to legally live, work or study in Finland.

Following the UK’s withdrawal agreement in October 2020, applications were opened for Britons who wanted to continue living in Finland.

All non-EU citizens are required to apply for a residence permit if they intend to stay in Finland for more than 90 days. This procedure is routine for all third-country nationals living in Finland, including Britons who left the European Union on January 30, 2020, reports.

Of the 5,000 Britons estimated to live in Finland, about 3,923 applications for residence permits had been submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service until the end of August 2021, the organization reveals.

“As the application deadline approaches, we continue to expect to receive a large number of applications from British nationals,” said Micah Walden, senior adviser to the organisation.

Residence permits for Britons, also known as Brexit permits, are only for those who already lived in Finland before December 30, 2020, when the Brexit period ended.

According to the organization, 2,280 decisions were made on Brexit permits, with the majority granting the right of residence to the applicant.

From 1 January 2021, Britons moving to Finland apply for residence permits to work and study in the same way as other non-EU citizens.

During the first eight months of 2021, 256 British citizens intending to continue living in Finland applied for a residence permit for work, study and family, among other reasons.

In general, applications for Brexit permits are processed within six months. However, this time frame can be extended in some cases due to the backlog of applications. For example, if the application was submitted more than six months ago, it may take ten to 14 months to process. However, the organization notes that all applications must be submitted by the deadline.

We ask applicants to wait for the decision patiently. Once the application is submitted, the applicant’s right to reside in Finland is valid until processing is completed, and may continue to work or study as before,” Walldén noted, also adding that the fastest way to apply is via the Enter Finnish internet service.

The opening of applications was announced by the Finnish Immigration Service on 1 October 2020, allowing Britons to apply for a residence permit. According to the decree of the Ministry of the Interior, a fee of 48 euros is established for each application.

The residence permit rules announced by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior in 2020 set out, among other things, residence rights under the divorce agreement. The regulation obliges British citizens who hold an EU permanent residence certificate in Finland to exchange it for a residence permit certificate.

Moreover, Britons wishing to apply for the right of residence under a divorce agreement are allowed to do so for free.

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