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Only 3500 Places Available for UK Nationals Wishing to Start Working in Switzerland in 2022

The Swiss Federal Council has set quotas for the number of workers from the UK and other third countries who can be employed by Swiss companies and other employers in Switzerland in 2022.

Employers will be eligible to employ a total of 3,500 UK nationals, of whom 2,100 are with long-term (B) residence permits and the other 1,400 with short-term (L) residence permits.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Federal Council on November 24, during which a partial revision of the Law on Admissions, Residence and Employment (VZAE) was adopted.

“Since 1 January 2021, the Free Movement of Persons Agreement (FZA) between Switzerland and the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer in effect as a result of the UK leaving the EU. Consequently, UK nationals are no longer considered EU/EFTA citizens since 1 January 2021, they even become citizens of other countries,” the Council explains on the quota imposed on UK nationals working in Switzerland.

Moreover, the council also notes that quotas will be released on a quarterly basis by the cantons, as the latter are responsible for issuing permits to British citizens. Permits do not need to be approved by the federal government.

According to the recruitment of skilled workers from non-EU/EFTA countries next year, apart from the UK, the council decided to keep the same quotas as in 2021, when listening to cantons and social partners as well as when taking economic measures. needs to be taken into account.

As a result, next year, Swiss companies and other employees will be able to hire up to 8,500 qualified specialists from third countries – 4,500 with a residence permit B and 4,000 with a short-term residence permit.

Switzerland’s decision on the quota for non-EU/EEA travelers follows several other decisions by the Federal Council regarding entry and employment into the country.

On November 16, reported that the Swiss Federal Council had agreed to allow Australian citizens to enter its territory without a visa for all kinds of purposes, including working here and long-term residence.

Earlier, on October 27, the Swiss authorities announced that they are working to enable third-country nationals with a master’s or doctoral degree obtained from a university in the country to work in Switzerland after they graduate.

Whereas, on October 22, the Council agreed to allow Croats to find work in Switzerland from January 1, 2022, under the same rights as other EU/EFTA citizens.

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