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Number of Ukrainians With Valid Residence Permits in Poland Surpasses 300,000

The number of Ukrainians with a valid residence permit in Poland has exceeded 300 thousand, based on the figures provided by the Polish Office of Foreigners.

According to figures published by the same source, there has been a significant increase in the number of Ukrainians in Poland, since 2014, mainly due to the desire to work, reports.

“The main factors that influenced this phenomenon are the economic and economic situation in Ukraine, the introduction of a visa-free system, and ease of access to the Polish labor market,” reads the statement published by the Foreigners’ Office.

Figures show that Ukrainians are choosing long-term residence in Poland rather than temporary emigration.

“In addition to gaining opportunities under the so-called job assignment announcements, Poland. The Bussines Harbor program for Ukrainian citizens has also been extended. It is a comprehensive package that facilitates the transition to the territory of Poland, and is intended for entrepreneurs and professionals in the IT industry.

The most popular regions of Poland, chosen by Ukrainian citizens, besides Mazovia, include the following Polish lands:

Mazowieckie – 22 percent of people, Malopolsky – 12 percent, Wielkopolsky – 12 percent, Dolnośląskie – 9 percent.

According to the Office of Foreigners, about 60 percent of Ukrainians with valid residence permit cards in Poland are between 18 and 40 years old. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 represent 12 percent of the population, while citizens over the age of 40 represent 28 percent. The numbers show that there are slightly more men who make up 54 percent of the population.

Almost 84 percent of Ukrainians have a temporary residence permit, which is valid for a maximum of 3 years. The majority relate to issues related to obtaining employment (77 per cent of cases). The most common remaining reasons for Ukrainians to stay in Poland are family issues (12 percent) and education (2 percent).

However, the data presented above does not include people who have remained in Poland temporarily under the visa regime or on the basis of visas.

Recently, reported that the number of Georgians with a valid residence permit in Poland has seen a significant increase, exceeding 10,000, or double what it was two years ago.

This data was also provided by the Poland Office of Foreigners, while stressing that the significant increase in the number of Georgians remaining in Poland has increased significantly since the visa regime was introduced in 2017.

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