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Number of Slovak Citizens Applying for Passports Increases Due to War in Ukraine

The Slovak authorities announced that the number of citizens applying for a passport has increased significantly since February 24, 2022.

According to the Slovak Interior Ministry, such a thing is happening out of fear of the ongoing war in Ukraine, reports.

Taking into account the current situation inside the country, the Ministry called on all citizens of Slovakia to follow the official sources and not to create chaos as the Slovak Republic is not in danger.

“We want to emphasize once again what the President of the Slovak Republic and members of the government have already said: the Slovak Republic is not in danger, and there is no need to quickly buy a travel document,” the Slovak Ministry of the Interior declared.

The ministry revealed that compared to other periods of the year, the interest in applying for the passport that is issued through an accelerated process has increased significantly. Passport applications are usually processed through the expedited method within two to ten working days.

Data provided by the ministry shows that on February 28 alone, more than 5,400 citizens applied for a passport. Of the total number of people who applied for a passport, 2,083 requests for delivery within two working days, 943 requests for delivery within ten working days, and 2405 requests for delivery within 30 days.

“There is also a growing interest in issuing documents to children,” the ministry stressed.

Since many people apply for a passport through this method, it can be inferred that they are planning to travel to another country.

Slovakia was one of the main countries to which Ukrainians fled. The United Nations revealed that more than 67,000 Ukrainians have entered Slovakia so far.

Due to the increase in the number of refugees entering fleeing Ukraine, the Slovak authorities have asked the European border control agency, Frontex, to help manage the border control.

This request was made by the Minister of the Interior of Slovakia, Roman Mikulic, during a meeting in Brussels. Mikulc said that the country has not yet registered any critical security or infrastructure threats, meanwhile noting that the country can accommodate about 40,000 asylum seekers in its facilities.

Slovakia currently allows entry to all citizens of Ukraine, even if they do not have the necessary documents.

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