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Number of Asylum Seekers Dropped by 18% in December, Dutch Authorities Reveal

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security revealed that the number of asylum seekers in the Netherlands fell by 18 per cent in December compared to the previous month.

According to a press release from the latter, the influx of asylum seekers in the last month of 2021 was 3,751 – 18 percent less than it was in November, when 4,578 people submitted their asylum applications – first and repeat asylum applications, at the immigration and office Citizenship services in the Netherlands. Application rates are lower than in October 2021, when 5,269 applications were submitted, reports.

However, the total influx of asylum seekers registered in 2021 was 36,620 – a marked increase of 91.4 percent compared to 2020. Additionally, statistics for 2021 show that rates are 24.4 percent higher than in 2019 ( 29435), when there was no COVID-19. measures imposed.

The nationalities that applied for asylum in the Netherlands last year were Syrians (14,904), Afghans (3425), Turks (3215), Yemenis (1855) and Eritreans (1576).

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Moreover, Dutch authorities revealed that 2,417 first asylum applications were filed in December – 1,163 fewer than the previous month when 3,580 people first applied for asylum. Most of these applications were submitted by citizens of Syria (961), Somalia (128), Eritrea (114), and Turkey (109). However, Afghan nationals ranked second in the most asylum applications submitted for the month of December, including 97 applications submitted by people who had been transferred from Afghanistan to the Netherlands.

According to repeated requests, data for December shows that 147 of these, among the top five countries of origin of asylum seekers who have made such requests, are Iraq (17), Afghanistan (12), Iran (12), Nigeria (11), and Egypt . (nine). In November 2021, 164 repeat requests were registered.

In December, the number of people who entered for family reunification was 1,187, while in November it was 834. The top five nationalities seeking family reunification were Syrians (774), Eritreans (85), and Yemenis (64) Turkey (54), and stateless people (50).

Moreover, applications under the Unaccompanied Aliens (UMA) category in December came mostly from Syria (136), Eritrea (49), Somalia (24), Algeria (13) and Morocco (12), representing a total of 281 That represented 70 orders lower than those recorded in November.

While the number of asylum applications fell by 18 per cent in 2021, that number fell even less in 2020 – by 40 per cent compared to the previous year, a drop that can be attributed to the ongoing pandemic.

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