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Norway Warns Its Citizens to Avoid Travel to Sudan Due to Unsafe Civil Situation

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned its citizens against traveling to Sudan due to the unsafe security situation in the country.

“Due to the tense and unexpected situation following the coup on Monday night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advising against all travel to the country,” the press release read.

Furthermore, the ministry encourages Norwegian citizens to remain calm and follow developments in the local and international media, reports.

The press statement followed the official statement of the Chief of Staff of Sudan, declaring a state of emergency in the country and abolishing the Sovereignty Council and the transitional government. Moreover, the army has temporarily arrested Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and his wife, in addition to several government ministers and other officials. However, it is not yet known if they have been released.

According to CNN, when former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in a military coup in 2019, after nearly three decades of rule, the military declared control of managing the transition of power through the Transitional Military Council.

The council was strongly objected by protests that called for civilian rule, which made the Sovereignty Council a joint rule between civilians and military personnel. According to the agreement, the military will rule Sudan for the first 21 months, starting in July 2019, while civilians will begin their administration in the following 18 months.

But in the meantime, there was tension between the parties, and as Adam Hereca, director of the Prime Minister’s Office, said, the coup was not a surprise.

According to Herica, Al-Burhan and Hamdok met last Sunday, and the following day, the Ministry of Information revealed that the Prime Minister was pressured to issue a statement showing his support for the military rule. Instead, the published statement called on pro-civilian protesters to participate in a peaceful protest.

Tensions mainly escalated after Sudan’s Prime Minister Hamdok called for a full transition of the Sudanese government to civilian rule by November 17, in addition to keeping the agreement in effect.

The situation worsened last month, with the observation of another coup attempt by Al-Bashir’s supporters, which resulted in the arrest of several officers.

Flocks of Sudanese protesters took to the streets last Thursday, demanding the full completion of the 2019 transition agreement and the election of a new government. There were also protests in favor of military rule.

After this situation in Sudan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called for the release of the Prime Minister and other officials. Moreover, the European Union threatened Sudan to cut off financial aid unless the situation calms down urgently.

“The White House on Monday condemned the coup and suspended $700 million in emergency aid to Sudan aimed at supporting the democratic transition – critical assistance to a country facing a growing economic crisis,” CNN reported.

Moreover, the United Kingdom opposed the coup and described it as an unacceptable betrayal of the Sudanese.

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