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Norway Urges Its Citizens to Avoid Travel to Ukraine, Belarus & Russia

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged its citizens to avoid traveling to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, with the exception of Minsk, and called on them to leave these territories due to severe and unexpected threats.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also advises against traveling to or staying in Russia more than 250 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the reason for this was the tense security situation and the significant build-up of force.

For the same reasons, the same ministry has called on Norwegians to avoid travel to Belarus, with the exception of its capital, Minsk, reports.

The ministry indicated that the new changes will take effect immediately.

Authorities in Norway have urged people who are currently in any of the above-mentioned territories to use business exit opportunities and contact their insurance companies for assistance.

“Make comprehensive assessments of your safety. Follow the situation closely in reliable international and national media. In the event of a deterioration in the security situation, the diplomatic corps will have limited opportunity to assist Norwegian citizens in these areas.”

This is not the first time that authorities in Norway have called on their citizens not to travel to Ukraine. Amid escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Norway’s Foreign Ministry urged citizens to avoid travel to the country last month.

Besides Norway, other European countries have advised their travelers to avoid traveling to Ukraine due to the current situation.

The Latvian government has urged its citizens not to travel to Ukraine, while also announcing that it will evacuate its embassy staff in Ukraine if necessary.

“If it is necessary to visit Ukraine, we invite you to register in the consular registry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgar Rinkevix noted in this regard.

Previously, the French Foreign Ministry advised its citizens to refrain from non-essential travel to Ukraine amid escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russian forces on the country’s northern and eastern borders.

“We have already expressed our concerns about the Russian military build-up on the border with Ukraine, and yesterday we updated our travel advice and recommend more vigilance to our citizens in Ukraine or wishing to travel there. The spokesperson noted in this regard that we continue to monitor the development of the situation as closely as possible. of vigilance.

For more than two months now, tensions have been rising between Ukraine and Russia. In November, Russia sent more than 100,000 troops to the common border with Ukraine, leading to speculation of an imminent invasion.

However, despite continued efforts to help resolve the current situation, little progress has been made.

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