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Norway Travel: Holders of COVID-19 Recovery Certificates Are Now Exempted From Quarantine for a Year Instead of 6 Months

The Norwegian authorities have announced that Norwegian citizens who have recovered from the Coronavirus will not be subject to any quarantine requirements for a period of 12 months, as the validity of the recovery certificate issued by the Norwegian state has been extended.

The change takes effect on Saturday, August 28, and will apply to all people able to have their case confirmed by Norwegian health authorities, reports.

“We now have good knowledge indicating that people who have contracted COVID-19 are well protected for at least 12 months. Therefore, we are extending the exemption from infection quarantine for this group,” said Minister of Health and Welfare Services Bint Hui.

The Redemption Certificate will be available in digital format by September 9th.

On the other hand, the European Commission issues certificates only to those who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 180 days, which means that citizens of other European countries will not benefit from the extension of the validity of the certificate.

Then, the person must prove the infection status by submitting a positive PCR test at the health authorities, undergoing quarantine for a certain period – depending on the recommendation of the country’s health sector – and submitting another PCR test, which indicates that the person is now negative for the virus.

Currently, European countries, including Norway here, are using the EU COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Passport, a document that allows EU citizens to travel freely and safely across the continent amid the pandemic.

However, the decision to extend the exemption to the entry stone will require significant technical resources, but many groups will benefit from the change. Adults in this group can get permanent quarantine exemptions for entry via vaccination, while children can reduce their quarantine time by submitting a negative PCR test taken three days later.

“It is important that the disease is documented in a safe way, and the best way to do that is to use the EU Corona Certificate. If the EU adopts changes to the duration of information for the covid-19 disease reviewed in the Corona Certificate, the government will consider whether it should change Quarantine rules to enter again.

According to the World Health Organization, Norway has reported three coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours and 3,296 cases of the virus. Since the pandemic began, about 814 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 and 152,113 have fallen ill.

According to the vaccination launch, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reveals that Norway has fully vaccinated about 56.6 percent of its population, while 87.7 percent have not yet been vaccinated with the second injection of the vaccine.

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