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Norway to Open All Its Border Crossings From October 6

The Norwegian authorities announced that the country will open all border crossings into the country from next Wednesday, October 6.

The decision was announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Services and the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, which also revealed that changes had been made regarding testing requirements, reports.

According to a press release issued today by the two ministries, all travelers who have taken the test requirement so far will still be obligated to follow these rules. This means that those who are required to undergo COVID-19 testing at the border will not be allowed entry if they do not follow the requirements.

However, it has been clarified that if there is no test point at the border or if the point is closed, travelers must take a rapid antigen test at another test point once they enter Norwegian territory. Furthermore, it was emphasized that the test should not be performed 24 hours after arrival.

There will still be a requirement to take the test at the border at the border crossings where there is a testing station. This will apply, for example, to all airports with foreign traffic, above Svensund and Storskog,” the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

In addition, travelers without a digital COVID-19 certificate approved by Norway are required to take a coronavirus test if they arrive in Norway from countries or regions where self-isolation rules apply.

Except for the recognition of vaccination and recovery certificates issued by EEA/Schengen area countries, so far, Norway has also recognized vaccination and recovery certificates issued by 15 other third countries, which are as follows:

Albania Faroe Islands Israel Morocco North Macedonia Panama San Marino Scotland Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Vatican City State Northern Ireland England Wales

However, with regard to vaccination certificates, they are recognized only as long as they indicate that the holder has been vaccinated with one of the vaccines accepted by Norway as valid proof of immunity.

>> Norway only recognizes travel approved vaccines

Earlier today, reported that Norway has ended its COVID-19 travel advice for all countries. This means that Norwegians are no longer discouraged from traveling to other countries, even for non-essential purposes, as long as they have valid proof of immunity or recovery and meet the restrictions and requirements to enter their destination country.

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