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Norway to Make ID Cards Available for Foreigners Living in the Country

Foreigners who have had a residence permit or the right to reside in Norway for more than three months may soon be eligible to hold an ID after the government tries to make this proposal effective.

In this regard, the Department of Justice and Emergency Preparedness is making a proposal regarding the rules in the passport identifier as well as the counseling regulations, reports.

“Many foreign nationals residing in Norway require a certificate of identity documenting their Norwegian birth or a d number in the national registry. With a national identity card, they will be able to easily and securely identify themselves on a daily basis,” noted Minister of State Eric Idso at the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Management In this regard.

In addition, the Foreign Minister stressed that by extending the ID card system to include foreigners, Norway is also contributing to the greater prevalence of the standard Norwegian ID cards used in all areas.

According to the ministry, the requirements for a national identity card without the right to travel will also be applied to foreigners. However, the same made clear that there would be some necessary adjustments, among other things, in the documentation and identity verification requirements.

Authorities in Norway have confirmed that the deadline for consultation is 3 June 2022.

Previously, the Government of Norway proposed allocating a total of 250 million Norwegian kroner (€25,514,669) to the EU fund, which would help visa policy and make changes to entry rules if necessary, for foreigners planning to visit Norway.

However, the authorities in Norway have faced great difficulties due to the Corona virus and its new strains.

In this regard, the authorities in Norway previously announced that international workers residing in Norway will have their residence permits extended.

Such a decision was made at that time and announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The decision followed changes that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs implemented to immigration regulations.

The Norwegian government is constantly trying to make the travel process easier.

Previously, authorities in Norway announced that they had launched “ready travel” known as Reiseklar, which contains travel information, and also allows its users to register before taking a trip domestically or abroad.

“The purpose of Reiseklar is that useful and needed information will be more readily available to those who are planning or traveling abroad,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide noted.

The application consists of information on the country of destination and the entry rules applied by the authorities.

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