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Norway to Issue Vaccination Certificates Valid for 9 Months Only, From February 10

The Norwegian authorities have announced that the country will follow the recommendation of the European Union Commission and shorten the validity of vaccination certificates.

“The government has decided that the national Corona certificate should have the same criteria of validity as the EU certificate. Changes to the Corona certificate will appear on February 10,” said a statement from Norway’s Ministry of Health and Welfare Services.

This means that from today, February 10, the country will only recognize vaccination certificates that indicate that their holder received the last dose of the vaccine within the last 270 days (nine months), reports.

The same was announced that certificates showing that the holder had previously contracted the virus would remain valid for 180 days.

On the other hand, people who have received an extra dose of vaccine, also known as a booster vaccine, will have an unlimited shelf life.

The ministry explained that “the EU certificate is valid for 180 days (about six months) in the case of a disease history, 270 days (about nine months) for basic vaccination and unlimited for those who received a booster dose.”

However, the ministry stressed that such changes have no significance when it comes to the country’s citizens as the National Corona Certificate is not in use now, indicating that vaccination cards are no longer required when accessing public places and events.

However, when it comes to traveling abroad, the authorities have urged everyone to check entry rules in other countries as vaccination permits are required upon entry.

“The changes will mean that a person who previously had a green certificate will now get red on the national control side if the basic 270-day vaccination has expired and they have not received a booster dose. But it has no practical significance because the national control side is not in use now,” the ministry added. .

Similar to other EEA countries, Norway also requires arriving travelers to present a valid vaccination permit in order to be allowed unrestricted entry into the country.

On the other hand, those without a valid COVID certificate must take a test within 24 hours prior to arrival in order to be admitted into Norway.

Previously, Norway lifted the pre-test requirement. Since February 1, travelers who have been vaccinated against the virus have been able to enter Norway without having to follow additional entry rules.

Aside from removing this requirement, the Norwegian government plans to remove the remaining restrictions by February 17.

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