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Norway to Impose Mandatory Testing Requirement for Persons Who Are to Be Deported

The Norwegian government has proposed that all people who will be deported to their countries of origin undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test.

Norway deports individuals under the immigration law, the extradition law or the arrest warrant law. However, since some people refuse to undergo such procedures before being deported, authorities have suggested imposing the probation requirement, reports.

“The government is proposing rules that persons to be deported under the immigration law, the extradition law or the arrest warrant act may be required to be screened or compulsorily tested for covid-19 if it is necessary to carry out the deportation,” it said in a statement. Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

According to the ministry, the Norwegian police have dealt with several deportation mutilations. The distortions were mainly caused by recipient countries as well as carriers who requested valid COVID-19 test results.

Thus, in order to avoid any inconvenience, the authorities believe that it is best to ask the people to be deported to undergo testing.

Commenting on the matter, the Minister of Justice and Emergency Management, Emily Inger Mehl, said it was unfortunate that a foreigner with a duty to leave Norway could prevent deportation from being carried out by refusing to undergo a COVID-19 test.

“It is detrimental to confidence in immigration policy if the duty to leave can be trained in this way. It is also very costly and resource intensive when a foreigner stays in the internal immigration school in Trandum for a long time for this reason. It is important to ensure that the regulations allow for measures to be taken,” Mehl added. prevent it.”

The ministry emphasized that the requirement to undergo a COVID-19 test is not an oppressive measure. For this reason, the authorities are waiting for a positive response to the bill.

As for other COVID-19 requirements, Norwegian authorities revealed last week that the country has decided to lift the mandatory testing requirement for all incoming travelers. The decision to remove the pre-test requirement went into effect on February 1 and was made in order to facilitate the travel process.

Aside from this change, the authorities are also planning to remove the remaining measures imposed to stop the further spread of the virus by February 17. The country will remain in place some necessary measures.

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