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Norway to Allocate Over €30 Million to Implement Schengen ICT Systems for Strengthening External Border

The Government of Norway has proposed allocating more than 300 million Norwegian kroner (€30,639,570) in order to help develop and implement International Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems in the Police and Directorate of Immigration (UDI), in order to enhance security. The external borders of the Schengen area.

According to the country’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security, these measures are part of the Schengen membership obligations.

The same attempts to increase information sharing and help facilitate data exchange in European police cooperation, immigration control and visa systems, reports.

Norway’s Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Monika Maland (h) stressed that such modernization of ICT systems is something that all countries that are part of the Schengen borderless area do while emphasizing that the country invests in security both “here at home.” and at the external borders of the Schengen area.

“As a Schengen member state, Norway contributes to increased security both in Norway and in Europe. Therefore, the government facilitates the development and implementation of ICT systems in the police and immigration authority which are crucial to our contribution to improving border and territorial control”, Minister Milland noted in this connection.

In this regard, the European Union Commission has previously emphasized the importance of ICTs in Europe’s digital economy. In addition, the Commission confirmed that more than 20 billion euros have been allocated to ICT investments from 2014 to 2020, stressing that these investments are necessary to make Europe fit for the “digital age”.

The same ministry emphasized that these new changes are being implemented in accordance with EU regulations in order to strengthen efforts against illegal immigration, cross-border crime and terrorism.

Since the government took office in 2013, we have been interested in strengthening the Norwegian Police and emergency preparedness in Norway. With a record number of police officers and growth in all police departments, many are on the right track. Now the police and immigration authorities are also getting better systems to catch and combat crime and illegal immigration,” Minister Meland emphasized.

In addition, besides trying to better protect its borders, the authorities in the Scandinavian country are also planning to help the EU border and visa regime.

The Norwegian government has also proposed allocating a total of 247.5 million Norwegian kroner (€25,532.975) to the police in order to help fund the EU border as well as the visa programme.

According to the country’s authorities, this proposal is aimed at increasing the protection of the Schengen external borders and security, as well as helping to develop a common visa policy.

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