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Norway: Svalbard Lifts Testing & Quarantine Requirements & Most of Its COVID-19 Measures

The Norwegian Ministry of Health announced, that the majority of requirements on Svalbard, including testing and quarantine, imposed due to the Corona virus and its new strains, have been lifted.

The decision comes as part of efforts to ease entry rules and other restrictions in order to prevent further damage caused by the virus to many industries, especially the travel and tourism sector, reports.

Thus, the authorities in Norway announced that the requirement to test before arriving in Svalbard and upon arrival had been abolished.

However, the Government of Norway has stressed that unvaccinated travelers from other territories must carefully follow the entry rules as they are subject to specific requirements when planning entry to this region.

The statement published by the Ministry of Health also announced that the mandatory quarantine requirement for arrivals planning to enter Svalbard has also been abolished.

The latest changes became effective on March 1, 2022, after taking into account the epidemiological situation.

Health Minister Ingfield Kirkul stressed that people who did not complete the vaccination process against the virus are at greater risk than those who have been vaccinated, of developing serious illness if they test positive for the virus.

So they should think carefully before traveling to Svalbard. Health service in Svalbard is limited, and there is a long transport route to the mainland. In the event of a serious illness in Svalbard, one cannot foresee what kind of comprehensive and advanced healthcare one would receive on the mainland,” the Minister of Health noted in this regard.

In the wake of the situation of the Corona virus in Norway and other countries, the authorities in Svalbard have kept several measures since the beginning of the epidemic, imposed to contain the spread of the virus and its new strains. The Minister of Justice and Emergency Management, Emily Inger Mehl, confirmed that she was happy that these measures had finally been lifted.

“Although the epidemic is far from over, and health preparedness in Svalbard remains weak, the risk that COVID-19 infection will place a serious burden on health preparedness on the island is much lower now than before during the epidemic. Therefore, we can make these changes now. , which will be positive for the Svalbard community and the local business community,” the minister said.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 1,242,202 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Norway, while 1,598 have died.

The figures provided by the World Health Organization also showed that 74,696 people were infected with the Corona virus in Norway in the past seven days, while one person died of the virus during the same period.

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