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Norway Removes Iceland, Italy & San Marino From Its COVID-19 Safe Countries List

Iceland, Italy and San Marino have been removed from Norway’s green list that includes territories considered safe based on their epidemiological status; Therefore, citizens of these countries will be required to follow entry and quarantine rules when planning to enter the Scandinavian country.

Based on the statement published by the Norwegian Ministry of Health, the new changes will take effect on August 2, reports.

In addition, the ministry’s announcement revealed that Liechtenstein will be included in the Green List, which consists of countries that have recently reported a low rate of COVID-19 infections; Therefore, travelers from this region can now enter Norway without restrictions.

Norway divided the other countries into green, orange, red and dark red categories, taking into account their COVID-19 status; Hence, all travelers are required to follow entry requirements when planning to enter this area.

Besides Liechtenstein, the following countries also belong to Norway’s green list: Bulgaria, Greenland, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Vatican City State and Austria.

The orange list currently includes Belgium, Estonia and Switzerland.

At the same time, the Faroe Islands, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and Portugal were placed in Norway’s red list.

The authorities in Norway have made it clear that travelers from countries included in the orange or red list are subject to strict requirements when planning to enter Norway. They will be obligated to follow the rules of testing and quarantine and to fill out an entry form.

Cyprus, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have recently been severely affected by the virus; Therefore, you remain on the dark red list.

Authorities in Norway have announced that the following archipelagos in Europe are also categorized into different categories based on their COVID-19 status.

The following archipelagos were transferred from the category of red to dark red:

Corsica, French South Aegean Islands, Greece

At the same time, the European archipelagos listed below remain in the orange category:

Madeira, Portuguese North Aegean Islands, Greece Sicily, Italy

The statement clarifies that the following archipelagos are still on the red list.

Sardinia, Italy Azores, Portugal Ionian Islands, Greece Canary Islands, Spain

The Balearic Islands (Spain) and Crete (Greece) are still in the dark red category, due to the current COVID-19 situation in them.

However, vaccinated travelers who have recovered from the disease are not required to follow quarantine rules or other measures imposed to stop the spread of the virus.

The State Department also announced that it had lifted advice against travel to southern Arabia and Ukraine. The ministry itself confirmed that such a decision would come into effect on August 2.

Based on figures published by the World Health Organization, Norway has recorded more than 137,120 cases of COVID-19 and more than 790 deaths.

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