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Norway Recognises Israel’s Vaccination Passport for Travel

Norwegian authorities have announced that travelers from Israel who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 will now be able to enter the country without restrictions as their vaccination passport is now recognized for travel.

The statement of Norway’s Ministry of Health and Welfare Services reads: “Israel is now linked to the European Union’s solution to the Corona certificate, which means that Norway accepts certificates from Israel.”

The decision to recognize vaccination passports issued in Israel comes after the EU Commission announced that all travelers from Israel and six other third countries will now be able to travel to EU countries under the same rules as Europeans since they have been successfully linked to an EU COVID-19 digital certificate.

Based on a press release from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Services on Friday, September 24, in line with the new rules, travelers from Israel can now enter Norwegian territory without having to undergo self-isolation requirements, reports.

However, it was emphasized that in order to avoid quarantine, Israeli citizens must present a valid vaccination certificate, which indicates that they have been immunized against COVID-19 with one of the vaccines currently recognized by Norway.

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Additionally, with the exception of travelers who have been fully vaccinated, the exemption from the quarantine requirement also applies to those who have recovered from the virus within the past six months.

As for entry rules, the authorities have confirmed that all vaccinated and repatriated travelers coming from Israel are also exempt from entry form requirements, meaning they do not need to fill out an entry form before arriving in the country. Furthermore, they can enter Norway without having to take the test at the border.

With the exception of Israel, whose COVID-19 vaccination and recovery certificates are now widely recognized in Norway, the country has also already recognized certificates issued by 14 other countries outside the EEA/Schengen area, which are as follows:

Albania Faroe Islands Morocco North Macedonia Panama San Marino Scotland Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Vatican City State Northern Ireland England Wales

Conversely, for non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers coming from Israel or any other country with a recognized COVID-19 certificate in Norway, the authorities have made it clear that they need to follow strict entry restrictions.

According to the rules set by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, all those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 must submit a negative test result before entry, fill out a registration form, undergo another test at the border, and go into quarantine as soon as they enter Norway.

Previously, the Norwegian authorities revealed that the country will be canceling its COVID-19 restrictions, which means that the borders will be open to travelers.

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