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Norway Lifts Quarantine Requirements for 23 European Countries

The government of Norway has announced that travelers from 23 European countries will be eligible to enter Norway without having to follow quarantine requirements upon arrival.

According to a statement published by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Welfare Services, the decision will take effect on July 5 and will include the following countries; Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, San Marino, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Vatican City and Austria.

The new changes were introduced after authorities in the Scandinavian country confirmed that the aforementioned countries had reported lower rates of COVID-19 infection in the past two weeks, reports.

Greenland and Iceland will continue to preserve the environment, as both regions have also managed to keep the coronavirus situation under control.

However, travelers must complete an entry form and undergo a testing process when they arrive in Norway.

This decision was confirmed by the Minister of Health and Welfare Services, Bint Hui.

The minister stressed that although many European countries are now turning green and more people can enter the country without adhering to the quarantine rules, they will be required to take the test at the country’s borders while emphasizing that the government “will still apply the rules.” When logging in “.

“The rules will protect us from import infections, provide us with an overview and protect us from new viral variants,” Høie noted.

The same ministry has announced that Ireland, Latvia, Cyprus, Monaco, the Netherlands and Portugal will remain orange, meaning they are considered medium risk countries.

At the same time, Andorra, Spain and the United Kingdom were included in the red list of countries considered high risk by COVID-19.

The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Welfare Services has confirmed that only a limited category of people from countries on the orange and red list will be allowed to enter the country.

Orange and red citizens who plan to enter Norway will have to submit a negative result, fill out a registration form, and take another COVID-19 test upon arrival in the Scandinavian country. In addition, they will also have to follow quarantine requirements.

According to the ministry’s statement, the following islands/archipelagos have turned orange;

Azores Islands, Portugal Balearic Islands, Spain Southern Aegean Islands, Greece

At the same time, the Spanish Canary Islands were placed on Norway’s red list.

Travelers from the following territories will be allowed to enter Norway without undergoing the quarantine rule, as they have been placed on the green list.

Ionian Islands, Greece Crete, Greece Northern Aegean Islands, Corsica Greece, Madeira, Portugal, Sardinia, Italy

However, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to advise its citizens not to travel to countries outside the European Economic Area/Schengen and the UK unless absolutely necessary to prevent a rise in the number of COVID-19 infections.

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