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Norway Lifts Its Advice Against Travel to Ukraine & Saudi Arabia

The Norwegian government moved Saudi Arabia and Ukraine from the list of gray countries to purple; Therefore, advice against travel to both countries will be lifted.

According to an announcement by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the new changes will take effect on Monday, August 2, and were taken after estimating the epidemiological situation based on figures provided by the National Institute of Public Health, reports.

At present, the following countries and regions within the European Union are included in the purple list; Albania, Azerbaijan, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Kosovo, Moldova, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Qatar, Serbia, Singapore and Taiwan.

“The USA, Israel, Japan, Montenegro and South Korea are also excluded from the Travel Board, even though these countries no longer meet the FHI requirements for purple countries,” the statement explains.

The same ministry confirmed that arrivals from purple, which includes third countries, are subject to the same procedures as those from countries and regions within the European Economic Area, the Schengen area, and the United Kingdom classified as red; Therefore, they are obligated to follow the rules of testing and quarantine when they enter.

The coronavirus outbreak prompted the authorities to keep their precautionary measures in place in order to stop the virus from spreading further; However, on July 26, more people were allowed to enter Norway, including children traveling with parents holding an EU COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate and family members of Norwegian citizens.

Previously, the authorities in Norway raised the advice against travel to Albania, Canada, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Qatar and Serbia, after estimating the COVID-19 case in these territories.

However, due to the rapid spread of the virus and its new strains, the government of Norway has postponed the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, as part of the country’s four-step strategy to exit the crisis triggered by the virus.

This decision was confirmed by the Minister of Health, Bint Hui, with an emphasis on postponing the final stage until mid-August at the earliest.

According to figures published by the World Health Organization, the Scandinavian country has recorded a total of 137,127 cases of COVID-19.

The same source confirms the death of 799 people due to the virus in Norway. Figures published by the World Health Organization revealed that in the past 24 hours, Norway reported 405 new cases due to COVID-19.

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