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Norway Introduces Quarantine for Unvaccinated Travellers From France, Monaco, Portugal & Spain

Travelers from France, Monaco, Portugal and Spain, along with travelers from the Norra Savolax SVD region in Finland and the Gotland and Västernorrland regions in Sweden, will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival in Norway, starting Monday, November 29.

The decision was announced by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Welfare Services in a press release on Friday, explaining that these four countries have been removed from the orange category and are now marked in red.

The same notes state that quarantine will only be applied to people without a verifiable coronavirus certificate.

“Quarantine for entry applies only to travelers from red, dark red and gray countries (countries and regions outside the European Economic Area/Schengen and the United Kingdom) who do not have a valid and verifiable Corona certificate. The press release explains that children and young people under the age of 18 are They are exempt from quarantine to enter regardless of where they come from.”

It also indicates that the quarantine period can be shortened if the traveler takes a PCR test no later than the third day of isolation, and the results are negative.

Last week, Norway quarantined arrivals from the Canary Islands in Spain, Corsica in France, Madeira in Portugal, the Länsi-Pohja region in Finland and the regions of Blekinge, Halland and Värmland in Sweden.

As a result, only Italy, Malta, San Marino and Vatican City are rated as orange, while the green list remains empty for another week in a row.

Cyprus and Romania are also included as red, while the following countries are included in the dark red category: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg (changed from red), Netherlands, Poland (changed from red), Slovakia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom Switzerland (changed from red), the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria.

New measures were also introduced for travelers from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Eswatini and Malawi, upon the discovery of a new viral strain in South Africa, now known as Omicron.

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Passengers who are eligible to enter Norway from these countries are required to take the test prior to arrival and upon arrival. They are also obligated to quarantine for ten days, the first three days of which must be spent in the quarantine hotel.

“If a negative PCR reaction occurs after three days, the remainder of the quarantine can be carried out in the individual’s home or other suitable place of residence where close contact with others can be avoided, with a private room, bathroom and private kitchen or food service,” notes the Norwegian Institute Public Health Travel Advice.

It also states that travelers from these countries will be able to shorten the quarantine with a negative PCR not taken before the seventh day of quarantine.

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