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Norway Introduces Quarantine for Unvaccinated Arrivals From Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Czechia & 2 Danish Regions

From Monday, November 1, non-vaccinated and non-exhausted travelers from Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Danish region of New Zealand will have to quarantine upon arrival in Norway, authorities announced.

According to the joint press release from the Norwegian Health and Welfare Services, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the quarantine requirements will only apply to countries with dark red, red, purple and grey, reports.

Although entry restrictions were abolished about a month ago, the Norwegian government reintroduced quarantine requirements until further notice and postponed the reopening phase, as coronavirus cases are on the rise. Moreover, the authorities have released children under the age of 18 from quarantine requirements, regardless of their country of origin, but the obligation to be tested on the third day of arrival is highly recommended.

However, travelers who have been fully vaccinated and those who have previously contracted COVID-19 are exempt from the quarantine requirements. EU COVID-19 digital certificate holders, as well as UK and Swiss vaccination certificate holders, are also eligible to enter Norway without quarantine.

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In addition, entry rules for people coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have been tightened, with countries from the orange category being added to the red category.

This means that non-vaccinated and non-exempt travelers from the dark red and red categories are required to register, take a PCR test upon arrival and quarantine for ten days upon arrival. The isolation time can be reduced by taking a test no later than the third day of the quarantine.

The same rules apply to both dark red and red for all non-vaccinated and non-exempt arrivals.

Moreover, countries such as Bulgaria, Ireland, Croatia and Slovakia moved from the category of red to dark red, as the epidemiological situation in them worsened.

Countries already added to the red category are Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Austria, while countries in dark red from previous assessments include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

The Baltic regions in the red category include:

Swedish regions of Norrbotten, Stockholm and Vastmanland Danish region of the capital, including Copenhagen, the newly added region of New Zealand, Greenland’s Finnish regions Birkaland, southwestern Finland, Helsinki and Uusimaa, central Finland, central Ostrobothnia, northern Savolax, northern Ostrobothnia, Paiget-Hame and southern Ostrobothnia

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The only Scandinavian region in the dark red category is the Danish Faroe Islands, while the only island in the European Union in the red category is the Ionian Islands in Greece.

On the other hand, unvaccinated and non-exempt green travelers are required to submit a test taken upon arrival on Norwegian soil.

Orange entrants, which follow the same entry rules as green countries, include the following regions:

Andorra France Monaco Portugal The Swedish regions of Dalarna, Gävleborg, Halland, Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Skene, Södermannland, Uppsala, Västerbotten, Västernorland, Västra Götaland, Örebro, Denmark Östergötland, the southern Danish regions of Northern Jutland, central Hämeenlinna, Kaenedalen , Länsi-Pohja, Satakunta, Southern Karelia and Vasa Azores (Portugal) Balearic Islands (Spain) Corsica (France) Greece: Crete, Northern Aegean Islands and Southern Aegean Islands Sicily (Italy)

The green category of countries in the European Union includes Italy, Malta, San Marino, Spain and Vatican City.

Other areas in the green category include:

Sweden: Blekinge, Gotland, Varmland, and Jämtland Finland: Lapland, North Karelia, Sodra Savulax, Ostra Savolax, Åland Canary Islands (Spain) Madeira (Portugal) Sardinia (Italy)

The NIPH’s assessment of countries and regions included in the list of third countries in the European Union with an infection status provides a basis for somewhat more moderate entry rules. These countries and regions are referred to as the “Purple Land”. The requirements are set for quarantine entry, testing and entry from a purple country,” the press release revealed.

The purple list consists of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Taiwan, while the gray list includes Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Jordan, China, Macau and Rwanda. Singapore, Ukraine and Uruguay.

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