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Norway Ends Its COVID-19 Travel Advice for All Countries

Norwegian authorities have announced that citizens of the country will now be able to travel to other regions, even for tourism purposes, because the government will no longer advise against non-essential travel.

This means that Norwegians are no longer discouraged from traveling to other countries as long as they hold a valid COVID-19 passport and follow entry restrictions and requirements for their destination country, reports.

According to a State Department press release, based on the current coronavirus situation, no country will be part of the travel advice. However, if the epidemiological situation begins to deteriorate, Norway may issue travel advice at any time to protect public health as well as control the spread of the virus.

“While the World Travel Council has now ended, it is important to remember that the epidemic is not over yet. Many countries still have entry restrictions, relatively high infection rates and strict infection control measures. If you are going to travel, it is important to remember that the epidemic is not over. You should familiarize yourself with the situation in the country you want to visit.

Thus, after today, the ministry can still set the rules related to the coronavirus in line with figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Although travel advice is no longer effective, the ministry has stressed that the country’s authorities cannot guarantee that a trip outside Norway is safe as long as the effects of the virus are still circulating.

As such, the same indicated that everyone is responsible for their own safety, stating that before deciding to travel to another country, everyone checks the entry conditions and infection rates in the destination country.

“There are many countries that have not returned to normal, but we are happy that it is possible to travel more now. As always, we encourage everyone to register at, either via or the «Travel ready» app, added Søreide.

Although Norway has ended travel advice related to the coronavirus, the country will continue to follow its own travel advice against several countries that currently have a complex political situation. Some of the countries include Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea, and Syria, among others.

Previously, the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (DRF) urged the Danish government to remove travel advice against outbound travel similar to Norway and Sweden, as well as scrap travel restrictions imposed on travelers from third countries.

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