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Norway Abolishes Almost All Restrictions Imposed Due to COVID-19

Authorities in Norway have lifted all measures imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and its new strains, including mandatory face masks and quarantine requirements.

Such a decision was confirmed by a statement released by the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare Services emphasizing that only adults who show symptoms will be required to undergo screening, reports.

However, the ministry announced that some rules in force in the territory of Svalbard are retained.

“The coronavirus pandemic no longer poses a major health threat to most of us. Omikron virus causes much less serious illness, and we are well protected with vaccines. Therefore, we are removing almost all infection control measures, such as counters and requirements for bandages and isolation. In this regard, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer noted: That we can go back to normal life.

In addition, citizens are no longer required to maintain a distance of one meter. According to Reuters, adults who have tested positive for coronavirus are no longer required to follow self-isolation rules; However, it is advised to stay at home for four days.

Recent changes, according to the Ministry of Health, were taken in accordance with recommendations from the National Institute of Public Health as well as the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

According to the ministry, such new changes may lead to an increase in the number of infections.

Many will be infected in the coming weeks, and we have to prepare for that. But we are able to deal with the increase in infection. Even if we remove regulatory requirements, it is still important to follow general infection control advice. If there is one thing we have all become good at through the pandemic, it is precisely infection control. We must take this further, along with common sense,” Minister for Health and Welfare Services Ingvild Kjerkol.

As part of efforts to ease travel amid the current COVID-19 situation, authorities in Norway have lifted the requirement for mandatory testing at border checkpoints and airports for all travelers. This decision became effective in February.

According to figures published by the World Health Organization, it has been confirmed that 982,643 people have been infected with the Corona virus since the beginning of the epidemic, while 1,513 people have died.

Data from the World Health Organization shows that in the past seven days, more than 132,700 people have been infected with the Corona virus in Norway, while 47 people have died.

Although some scientists are too early to list the rules for COVID-19, European countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway have lifted their preventive measures imposed to stop the spread of the virus.

Many countries around the world, including member states of the European Union, are considering treating the coronavirus like the flu. Spain was the first European country to suggest that people start getting used to living with the virus, and has urged other countries to treat the virus as an endemic disease.

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