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New Zealand Is Now Officially Part of EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate System

After meeting all requirements to become part of the main system used for travel in Europe, the European Union Commission has announced that New Zealand has officially joined the EU’s COVID-19 digital certificate.

“Now we accept New Zealand COVID-19 certificates! New Zealand recognizes our #EUCovid certificate,” the European Commission revealed on its official Twitter account on 15 November.

The new announcement states that COVID certificates issued by New Zealand authorities will now be recognized under the same conditions as EU digital COVID-19 certificates issued by EU countries and the Schengen area.

This means that New Zealand citizens can travel to EU member states and all other countries also linked to the EUDCC without having to follow strict entry rules as long as they hold a vaccination or recovery certificate.

New Zealanders with a negative COVID-19 test result taken recently are also eligible to travel within the European Union without being subject to additional entry rules, reports.

Likewise, New Zealand authorities must also maintain relaxed entry rules for travelers from the EU and third countries who hold an EU COVID-19 digital certificate.

The EU Commission’s decision to now recognize COVID certificates issued in New Zealand has been welcomed and appreciated by the New Zealand authorities.

“Great news! Vaccination certificates from Aotearoa New Zealand Flag of New Zealand are now connected to the EU Digital COVID Certification System (EUDCC). COVID-19 certificates issued by NZ countries and EU DCC are recognized as equivalent,” the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said. “Thank you very much to the European Union Commission for your cooperation.”

With the exception of New Zealand, three other third countries – Georgia, Moldova and Serbia – joined the EU’s digital COVID certification yesterday.

Commenting on the decision to add New Zealand, Georgia, Moldova and Serbia to the system, EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said the Commission will continue its efforts to boost travelers’ confidence with regard to travel in and out of the EU.

“Countries willing to join the EU system continue to grow. This boosts confidence in safe travel within and outside the EU,” the commission added.

Aside from New Zealand and the other three countries that joined the system yesterday, there are 11 other countries also linked to the EUDCC portal. These countries are Albania, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Panama, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. Armenia and the United Kingdom recently joined the system.

Previously, reported that 12 countries in the European Union now recognize Covaxin as valid evidence of travel immunity. Covaxin is approved for use by the World Health Organization.

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