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New Travel Rules Enter Into Force Today in Ireland

Following a recommendation from the EU Commission, Ireland announced that from February 1, travelers vaccinated with Novavax can enter the country under the same travel rules as those vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and AstraZeneca, where the vaccine was recently approved for use. in the European Union by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The decision was announced in a press release from the Irish Ministry of Health, which also indicated that starting from the same date, the validity of vaccination certificates had been shortened to 270 days.

The move to reduce the validity of vaccination certificates is also based on a proposal by the European Union Commission that all member states impose a uniform acceptance period of 270 days for certificates of vaccination.

The Commission explained in a press release issued on December 21 last year.

The same also indicated that the document would remain in place for an additional three months to give member states sufficient time to adjust their booster-dose vaccination campaigns.

As of today, vaccination certificates are only valid for 270 days in other EU countries as well, here including Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.

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Since January 6, all Irish citizens who have received an extra dose of vaccine have been able to apply for an updated version of their Health Permit, reports.

Announcing the move, the Irish government said the country had one of the most successful COVID booster vaccination programs in the bloc.

The government has announced that “following the introduction of the EU digital COVID certificate in Ireland, and the successful COVID booster vaccination programme, updated digital COVID certificates will now be issued to those who have received an additional dose of vaccine.”

The Ministry of Health also notes that all arriving passengers, to be eligible for entry, must present either a digital EU COVID certificate, proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19 in the previous six months, or a negative PCR test result obtained During the past 72 hours.

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