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New EU System That Replaces Passport Stamps to Start Operating by 2022

The new scheme of the European Union called Entry/Exit System (EES) may become operational by 2022. The EES is a system that will register entry and exit data and refusal of entry data of third-country nationals crossing the external borders of the Member States and determining the conditions for access to the EES for law enforcement purposes. Among others, the system will replace passport stamps, as they will no longer be needed once the EES starts registering and storing all entry/exit data.

While in October 2017, when the EU Commission adopted the EES, 2020 was given as the date when it would fully enter into force, now a communication officer from the EU has told to that the EES is expected to come into force by 2022.

It is expected that the EES entry-exit registration system will be put into operation in 2022,” the officer said when asked about the deadline for implementing the scheme.

The officer have no explanations on why the system launching has been postponed for another two additional years. However, the EU has previously postponed the launching of the ETIAS, which is an electronic system that allows and keeps track of visitors from countries who do not need a visa to enter the Schengen Zone.

The Entry/Exit System has been established by the EU in a bid to modernize the management of external borders by improving the quality and efficiency of external border controls of the Schengen Area. It aims to help Member States dealing with an increasing number of travelers, without having to increase the number of border guards and to identify third-country nationals who do not / no longer fulfil the conditions for entry.

As soon as the EEA comes into force, all embassies or other authorities responsible for the processing of Schengen visa applications shall consult the EES. The EES should also be consulted before making the decision to annul, revoke or extend the period of validity of an issued visa.

It also eliminates the need to stamps travelers’ passports, as the entry and exit info will be registered and stored in the system.

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