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Netherlands Urges Its Citizens to Leave Ukraine

The government of the Netherlands has called on its citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible due to the security situation.

The security situation, which was already worrying, has further deteriorated over the past few days. In consultation with various allies, I am now taking the step of inviting all Dutch citizens to leave Ukraine,” the Dutch government statement said, according to

In addition, the Dutch authorities announced that a large number of embassy staff will also leave Ukraine.

“Skeleton staff will remain on hand. The embassy can provide emergency aid, such as the issuance of emergency visas and laissez-passers, from the meeting point in Lviv.

Dutch authorities have advised against all non-essential travel to Ukraine, although commercial flights are still permitted.

The announcement notes that “today, the travel warning for the country has been raised to red: this means that travel to Ukraine is considered extremely dangerous.”

Besides, Dutch citizens who plan to stay in Ukraine are required to register through the information service of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Several European countries have advised their citizens to avoid traveling to Ukraine amid rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently called on its citizens not to travel to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, with the exception of the capital of the latter, while urging people who remained in any of these countries to leave these lands as a result of severe and unexpected threats. .

The authorities in Latvia also advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine, adding that it would evacuate its embassy staff in Ukraine if necessary.

The French Foreign Ministry also urged its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine due to the current situation the latter is facing.

In addition, other countries such as Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom have advised their citizens to leave Ukraine, while the authorities in the United States have asked all non-essential embassy staff to leave.

Dutch national airline KLM said on Saturday it would temporarily suspend all flights to Kiev with immediate effect, Dutch news reported. The same order revealed that people whose flights have been canceled should contact the State Department for detailed information.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been escalating for more than two months now. In November, Russia sent more than 100,000 soldiers to the border with Ukraine, leading to speculation of an invasion.

Despite ongoing efforts to help resolve the current situation, little progress has been made in this regard.

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