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Netherlands to Lift Quarantine Requirement for Travellers Who Receive a Booster Dose

Dutch authorities have announced that from February 2, easier entry rules will apply to people traveling from high-risk areas.

According to the latest data published by the Dutch Ministry of Health, arriving travelers who received a booster dose at least seven days prior to their arrival will be exempted from the quarantine rule, reports.

“From February 2, 2022, travelers who have a booster shot are not required to be quarantined if the traveler has received the booster shot at least seven days before the trip to the Netherlands,” the ministry statement read.

This means that all people who have completed their primary vaccination and who have received an additional dose will no longer have to follow strict entry rules.

On the other hand, unvaccinated travelers, as well as those who did not receive an extra dose, will remain subject to the ten-day quarantine requirement unless they are part of the exemption list.

To be eligible to enter the Netherlands under the concessional rules, travelers from high-risk areas who have received a booster dose must complete a quarantine statement. The statement can be filled out online.

Once the form is completed, travelers will receive a digital confirmation, which must then be submitted to the responsible authorities. Those who are unable to fill out the digital format can download a printable form and then fill it out manually.

In addition, everyone must show their vaccination certificate.

Travelers from EU/Schengen area countries can currently travel to the Netherlands as long as they hold a valid vaccination certificate. In contrast, travelers from other countries must submit a negative COVID-19 test result, regardless of their vaccination status.

Travelers from EU/Schengen countries can travel to the Netherlands with a certificate of vaccination. Travelers from non-EU/Schengen countries always need a negative test result. Even if they have a vaccination certificate,” Dutch authorities noted.

Apart from the new entry rule mentioned above, the Netherlands is also expected to shorten the validity of vaccination certificates from 1 February. It has been revealed that the validity will be shortened from 12 to nine months.

This means that if the rule is approved, Dutch authorities will only accept vaccination cards indicating that the holder has received their last dose within the last 270 days.

Those who were vaccinated more than nine months ago will have to receive a booster in order to be accepted upon arrival in the Netherlands.

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