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Netherlands to Launch EU Digital COVID Passport on July 1

The Dutch government has announced that the country will introduce a digital COVID passport to facilitate travel within the European Union amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 digital passport has been created by the European Union Commission and is expected to be fully operational as of tomorrow.

As the deadline for EU member states to start issuing digital COVID certificates is set for tomorrow, with the exception of the Netherlands, several other countries including Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland have yet to start issuing and verifying certificates.

In contrast, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Germany and Poland have successfully contacted the EU portal on June 1 and have already started issuing and verifying documents.

As the Netherlands will have a fully functional passport recognition system from July 1, it has been announced that the requirements for self-isolation upon arrival in the country for people traveling from high-risk EU regions will no longer apply to COVID digital passport holders.

More precisely, all EU residents who provide a negative coronavirus test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery, will be allowed to enter the country without restrictions.

“The urgent advice to self-quarantine on arrival for people traveling from a high-risk area will no longer apply to people traveling within the European Union who can show a negative test result, proof of vaccination or evidence of recovery,” the government statement said.

Eased entry rules for those coming from third world countries

Similar rules will apply to vaccinated non-EU travelers. However, they will not be exempted from quarantine requirements if they provide evidence of recovery from the virus. They must either provide a negative test result or a certificate of vaccination. In the event that travelers from outside the European Union present a certificate of vaccination, they are no longer obligated to submit a negative test result.

In addition, the same indicated that people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can now be exempted from the ban on entering the European Union, provided they do not travel from a high-risk area where the virus and its variants have spread widely, reports.

For those planning to submit a negative test result, the Netherlands is aware of negative PCR test results conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival and negative antigen test results conducted within 48 hours prior to arrival.

The government has emphasized that self-test results are not acceptable, and that the requirement for a negative test result applies to everyone over the age of 13 traveling from a high-risk or high-risk area.

Previously, the Dutch government revealed that the country would provide free tests to all people who plan to visit the Netherlands during the months of July and August.

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