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Netherlands to Abolish Entry Rules for All Travellers From March 23

The Dutch government has announced that the country will no longer apply COVID-19 restrictions to incoming travelers.

Through an official statement, the government of the Netherlands revealed that from March 23, travelers from the EU/Schengen area will not be required to present one of the certificates that is part of the digital COVID card – vaccination, recovery or test certificate – upon entry.

Moreover, the same note that entry rules for non-EU travelers will also be scrapped, reports.

“For people traveling to the Netherlands from within the EU/Schengen, the obligation to obtain a test, recovery or vaccination certificate will expire from March 23. There are also no entry procedures for EU citizens traveling to the Netherlands from non-EU/Schengen countries”, This was stated in the Dutch government statement.

This means that soon everyone will be able to enter the Netherlands without having to abide by the entry rules. However, authorities have yet to provide additional information by the beginning of next week.

Aside from scrapping entry rules, Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers announced that the Netherlands will also withdraw remaining domestic COVID-19 restrictions on March 23.

The minister said the requirement to wear a face mask on access to public transport would be dropped. In addition, the same indicated that the 1G rule will also be repealed, which means that once the new rules come into effect, no one will be required to undergo testing before attending various public venues and events.

“From Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the public can also enter these sites without an access test. There are no more sites where the Corona Entry Card is valid,” the authorities said.

The government explained that the decision to remove the remaining COVID-19 measures was taken after assessing the current situation and concluding that the virus was no longer causing serious health effects.

However, despite the remaining measures being scrapped, the authorities have recommended that everyone wash their hands regularly and stay home if they develop any symptoms and receive a booster dose.

Data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that the Netherlands has reported 442,546 new cases in the past seven days. During the same period, the country also recorded 104 deaths.

For vaccination, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reveals that 82.7 of the total adult population in the Netherlands have completed the primary vaccination, and 64.0 per cent have received an additional vaccine dose.

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