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Netherlands Reopens More of Its Visa Application Centres Abroad

After being closed for more than a year now due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of the Netherlands has announced that it has reopened several visa application centers located in other countries.

According to an announcement by the outsourcing and technology company that provides visa services worldwide, VFS Global, the Dutch visa application center in New Delhi, India, has resumed its work, seafarers admission, labor issues, as well as emergency and humanitarian applications. From 10 June.

The center located in the capital of India offers its services every Monday and Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm. report.

The Dutch Center in Kampala, Uganda has also started accepting a limited category of applications, and will be open from 8am to 1pm every Monday and Wednesday.

Citizens can also direct their applications to the Dutch Visa Center in Rabat, where it has also begun to accept a certain category of applications.

In addition, the Dutch Visa Center in Kathmandu, Nepal has opened its doors to a limited category of long and short stay applications, offering its services every Tuesday from 9 am to 2 pm.

All people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are also allowed to apply for a visa to visit the Netherlands, as the latter has resumed operations at this center, providing its services every Thursday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

Authorities in the Netherlands also announced that the Visa Application Center in South Mumbai has started accepting blue carpet and return visas.

Besides the aforementioned visa application centers, other Dutch visa application centers in the following locations have started to resume their operations by submitting short and long term applications.

In Kolkata Open every Monday and Wednesday in Edinburgh, London and Manchester (UK) Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) Dakar (Senegal) Odessa (Ukraine) Tokyo (Japan) Bangkok (Thailand) Jakarta and Surabaya (Indonesia)

In addition, the Dutch authorities have also announced that the following visa application centers will also resume operations from August of this year.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City London (UK) Petersburg (Russia) Perth and Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand) Hyderabad (India)

The Netherlands has recorded more than 1,667,000 cases of COVID-19, while more than 1,790 people have died so far, according to figures published by the World Health Organization.

Because of these numbers, the authorities in the Netherlands previously tightened their controls in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, limiting travel to only essential purposes.

However, in July last year, the Dutch authorities announced that they had reopened several visa applications abroad to facilitate the travel process.

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