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Netherlands Pauses Decisions on Ukrainians’ Asylum Applications for Next Six Months

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its citizens will be able to live in the Netherlands without having to apply for asylum for up to six months.

According to a press release from the Immigration and Citizenship Service (IND), Ukrainians will not be required to apply for asylum to remain legally in the country, although they can still apply for international protection there, reports.

Ukrainians are Europeans and have the right to enter our country freely. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply for asylum to stay legally in the Netherlands. However, refugees from Ukraine are free to apply for asylum in the Netherlands,” the press release states, also noting that dozens of Ukrainians use this possibility annually.

In addition, the Minister for Asylum and Migration, Eric van der Burg, had earlier announced a moratorium on new and pending asylum applications, which means that the IND does not have to make a decision on such applications anymore.

This works to the advantage of Ukrainian refugees because they do not risk returning to their home country after a negative decision and can use their right of reception during the process. The Migration Minister also decided that Ukraine would not be considered a safe country of origin for a period of six months.

The moratorium extends the decision period on pending and new asylum applications to a year. Moreover, the IND will act immediately after this decision.

The IND press release explains: “Because of the leniency regarding normal applications and the moratorium on decisions on asylum applications, Ukrainians residing in or coming to the Netherlands do not have to worry about their right of residence.”

All EU member states came together to help Ukrainian citizens after Russia announced the “special military operation” on February 24.

However, the Polish government previously revealed that the country is ready to expect about 1 million Ukrainians while Slovakia has already absorbed more than 45,000 refugee arrivals and more than 26,000 who arrived in Moldova and Romania earlier this week.

In addition, the Greek government has opened 50,000 tourism jobs for Ukrainian refugees and Greek expatriates.

We are seeing horrific pictures. civilians, children, women and the elderly; Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said young children from oncology hospitals are in basements of apartment buildings and shelters, and women are taking children of other families to the border in order to cross safely.

According to the United Nations, there are about 136 people, including 13 children, in the ongoing war in Ukraine, and another 400 civilians have been injured. However, the true death toll is estimated to be much higher.

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