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Nearly 3 Million Ukrainians Refugees Reach Poland as UN Data Reveals 10 Million People Have Fled Their Homes

Ten million Ukrainian refugees had fled their homeland, with nearly three million entering the Polish border since February 24, when Russia launched its military offensive.

According to the Polish border guards, the largest number of border crossings was recorded on March 18 – 52,000 of them, while the next day, only 7,100 were registered until the early morning hours, reports.

“Most of them are women with children. The guards are the first Poles to help them after crossing the border. The border guards noted that Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 are often unable to leave the country, just words of support.

Data from the United Nations reveals that more than three million people have left Ukraine because of the war. More specifically, 1.8 million refugees were registered in Poland, 155,841 in Russia, and the rest in Ukraine’s neighboring countries such as Moldova (344454), Hungary (272,943), Slovakia (220,977), and Romania (210,019). Belarus has the lowest number of registered refugees for this period – about 1,816 of them.

Furthermore, the European Union allowed Ukrainians to leave their homeland due to the war to live and work in the region for up to three years.

Recently, the Finnish Immigration Service revealed that about 2,395 Ukrainian citizens have applied for international protection, while 648 of them have applied for asylum.

More than two million people left Ukraine. Although only a fraction of them have arrived in Finland, we are still seeing an increase in the number of Ukrainians seeking international protection in Finland as well, revealed Antti Littinen, director of the Asylum Unit.

In response to the situation, the Finnish government has also opened reception centers, about 27 of which can provide 2,000 housing units.

Like Finland, all EU member states have increased their capacities, introduced housing alternatives, and raised money for expats, while universities offered refugees reduced or even eliminated tuition fees altogether.

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The situation in the country remains grave as the media reported that thousands of residents were forcibly relocated from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol towards Russia.

“The occupiers send Mariupol residents to screening camps, check their phones and confiscate [their] Pavlo Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk regional administration, said the Ukrainian documents.

Many Mariupols residents have been stuck in the city for more than two weeks, as Russia has been bombing the strategic port city, also cutting it off from its energy, food and water supplies.

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