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Nearly 26,000 Ukrainians Have Reached Moldova & Romania

The neighboring countries of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania revealed that about 26,000 refugees have entered their countries, but few have applied for international protection.

According to an article by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, about 15,800 incoming Ukrainians have crossed the border in the past 24 hours, as revealed by Moldova’s Minister of Interior, Anna Revenko.

In addition, it is estimated that about 10,000 refugees have entered Romania, the Romanian Interior Ministry reported on February 25, reports.

However, the two ministries revealed that fewer refugees have applied for international protection – less than 100 in Moldova and about 11 in Romania, where incoming migrants head to EU member states, particularly Poland and the Czech Republic.

Moreover, the latter has canceled the entry ban imposed on Ukrainians, as well as all other restrictions announced due to COVID-19.

“Due to the outbreak of the international armed conflict that struck the territory of Ukraine, the ban on entry and all obligations related to the rules against the spread of Covid-19 stipulated in a special preventive measure for people on the territory of Ukraine were canceled and the statement issued by the Czech Ministry of Health revealed that the Czechs entered the territory of Ukraine from which they left due to The outbreak of an international conflict on the armed forces.

In addition, the Icelandic Ministry of Health removed Ukraine from the list of safe countries, which means that applications for asylum from there will be priority compared to applications for asylum from other countries that do not have any dangerous situation in their countries of origin.

“No special assessment of the situation in the country has been carried out, as there is complete doubt about how conditions will develop. It is expected that the situation in Ukraine will be assessed with the development of events and news of the situation in the country will be received.”

Hungary has also begun its preparations to receive Ukrainian refugees, about 600,000 of whom will be resettled by the Hungarian Defense Forces. However, the latter has not yet announced its plans to absorb the refugees.

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While the Polish minister announced that his government expects about one million refugees to arrive, Germany offered assistance to Poland to absorb the influx of migrants and indicated that it does not rule out the arrival of large numbers of migrants to the central European country.

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