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Nearly 180,000 Refugees Arrived in Hungary Until March 9

Hungarian government spokeswoman, Alexandra Zintekirali, announced that as of the morning of Tuesday, March 9, about 178,894 people had entered Hungary through one of the border crossings with Ukraine.

The Hungarian government, in a statement on March 9, announced that the Hungarian Disaster Management Authority has already provided housing for 3,252 people, including 1,780 children, reports.

Charitable organizations assisted 81,600 people in Hungarian regions near the border and at railway stations. In this regard, Miklos Soltis, President of the Hungarian Council, who is also the Minister of State for Church-Minority Relations, added that Hungarian cooperation in helping people fleeing the war is “exemplary”.

After visiting the logistics center of the Hungarian Charitable Service in Malta, Szentkirályi said the government is doing everything possible to protect the Hungarian people.

She also praised cross-border cooperation in helping refugees from Ukraine, including police, disaster and relief workers, local governments, government agencies and volunteers.

“In addition to support of HUF 3 billion to six charities, the government is providing HUF 1.35 billion to support the Transcarpathian region as part of Hungary’s assistance program to help local communities and internally displaced persons,” the government statement reads from Hungary.

On the other hand, Azbij Tristan, State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of aiding persecuted Christians and implementing Hungary’s aid program, noted that Hungary is implementing the largest humanitarian aid program in its history. He also thanked the Charitable Service of this Maltese-Hungarian Organization for Ecumenical Assistance, Correctional Charity Service, Baptist Charity Service, Catholic Charities and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Moncax for helping the Transcarpathian region.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in the early hours of February 24, some 214,160 refugees from Ukraine have entered Hungary, and more than two million people have gone to other European countries.

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, revealed in a statement on March 4 that Hungarian-speaking refugees with ties to Hungary would find it easier to find shelter and work.

In addition, people who come from different countries and want to enter Hungary, as students from India and China, can enter and leave Hungary in agreement with their embassies. However, they are allowed to continue their studies in Hungary.

At the same time, Hungary is also working hard to provide housing and supplies, as there will be plenty of jobs for all incoming refugees and school places for students.

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