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MPs Urge UK’s PM to Take Action on EU Touring Rules for Performers

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been urged to work on the barriers that performers and crew members currently touring in the European Union face.

The failure of EU and UK authorities to reach a joint agreement that would allow visa-free travel for musicians post-Brexit has sparked controversies between authorities in both parties as well as the music industry, reports.

Since 1 January 2021, when the UK’s transition period ended, creators, musicians and performers, among other categories, are no longer subject to visa-free and no-cost travel when planning to enter EU member states for work purposes.

The All-Party Music Parliamentary Group urged the UK prime minister to help solve problems faced by creators while Johnson said he pledged to tackle such a problem in March of this year.

“Musicians and crew have a serious and serious problem when it comes to an EU tour that will not go away. Our multi-party group has written to the Prime Minister asking him to take urgent action to remove these visas and travel barriers that threaten the success of the UK music industry, especially emerging artists,” Conservative MP David Warburton noted in this regard.

Warburton urged the county government to negotiate with countries such as Spain, where visas remain expensive, to find a solution to visa and transportation issues faced by musicians and staff.

Jamie Njoko Goodwin, Chief Music UK, emphasized, “This is a very welcome move by Members of Parliament from across political divides who are as keen as we are to overcome the barriers facing musicians and crew touring the EU.”

In this regard, Elton John was among the artists to criticize the UK government’s decision affecting artists the most. John described such a decision as a “looming disaster” while meeting with the government’s Brexit negotiator, Lord Frost, in order to speak about the issue, Sky News reported.

The artists also started a campaign called #LetTheMusicMove backed by Idris Elba, Bloor and Radiohead, calling on the government to help cover the costs of these bases and offer an effective solution to avoid fees and strips.

In January of this year, reported that more than 219,600 people, including musicians, comedians and actors from the UK, signed a petition asking their government to come to an agreement for a free cultural work permit in order to allow them to do so. performance in the European Union.

In August, the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport announced that UK performers and other creative professionals are eligible to tour 19 of the 27 EU member states without the need for a short-term visa.

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