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Migrant Says Greek Authorities Forcibly Pushed Him & Other Asylum Seekers Back to Sea

An immigrant survivor accused Greek border guards of pushing him into the sea. The refugee, who is a citizen of Cameroon, said he was sent back along with two other people.

It was revealed that two other migrants trying to reach an EU country were later found by Turkish authorities near the sea border with Greece, according to

Although several reports showed that Greek officials returned the migrants to the sea, the Greek authorities denied these allegations, saying that this was not true.

Migrants already in Greece said they had little or no opportunities. Despite their status, many who arrive in Greece face homelessness and starvation.

Several migrants revealed that they were living in public areas a month after asylum had been granted, and the provision of food, shelter and other financial support had ceased.

In addition, they also face difficulties in finding a job, as it can take months to obtain social insurance and tax registration. They also face the language barrier, as it is impossible to learn it on the job, according to them.

Taking into account the current situation experienced by the migrants, Turkey has filed a lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights, asking the asylum seekers not to be dealt with any inhumane treatment.

Earlier, the Turkish Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, revealed that 12 migrants were found dead on the Turkish border with Greece. He stated that the victims died due to freezing temperatures after being pushed into the sea by Greek forces.

However, Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarashi denied such an order. He called the accusation false propaganda and said that the migrants were not returned to Turkey because they never reached the border.

While some migrants decide to stay in Greece, others decide to move to other EU member states.

This prompted the authorities of France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg to complain about the increase in the number of migrants who reached their lands through Greece.

Apart from Greece, the small town of Chlorakas in Cyprus is also experiencing an influx of immigrants. Since a large number of people arrived in Cyprus illegally, tensions have increased between the Cypriot and Turkish authorities.

According to the government of Cyprus, the country has registered the largest number of applications for the first time. The authorities are now trying to find a way to prevent the flow and manage the current situation.

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