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MEPs Want to Facilitate Legal Labour Migration in EU

Parliament urges proposals to ease legal migration of labor to EU member states, to be submitted by the end of January 2022, as members approved the bill by 497 votes, 160 against and 38 abstentions.

In this report, MEPs support the creation of an EU talent pool to interview non-EU applicants with potential EU employers, facilitate workforce shortages across the 27-nation bloc, and build their expertise on the EURES portal, SchengenVisaInfo reports. com.

EURES is a European Employment Services Network launched in 1994, created to facilitate the free movement of workers. The main task of the network is to ensure that European citizens benefit from the same opportunities, despite language, differences or bureaucratic barriers.

Parliament is calling for plans to accept low- and medium-skilled third-country workers as well as recognition of a framework that defines their skills and qualifications. Furthermore, MEPs noted that entry requirements should also be eased for people wishing to set up businesses, start-ups, artists and other cultural workers.

MEPs want the Commission to create a five-year multiple-entry visa that would allow visits of up to 90 days per year.

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Parliament also required long-term resident third-country nationals to be able to move to another Member State, starting from the day their permit was issued – by granting them this right on similar terms as they apply to EU nationals. In addition, the number of years for a long-term EU residence permit must be reduced from five to three.

Europe faces demographic and economic challenges. To manage these challenges and to make sure that Europe can be strong and competitive, we need labor migration. it’s the truth. “We need to make it more attractive for migrant workers to come to Europe, and we need to organize the system to make sure the rules are followed,” said Abeer Al-Sahlani.

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The report approved today also aims to allow applications to be submitted from within a member state or third country in an effort to simplify the application procedure, including current legislation for individual permits.

MEPs are also proposing to change existing rules on seasonal workers by allowing them to be unemployed for up to 90 days, provided they are looking for another job without having their current permit revoked.

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