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Mediterranean EU Destinations Remain Top Choice for Europeans’ Next Trip, Research Shows

The European Travel Commission has revealed that no matter when the winter holidays are approaching, Europeans continue to choose tourist spots on the Mediterranean.

According to the results of the survey conducted from September 10 to September 18, with 5,769 respondents from Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, the top 10 countries in Europe plan to travel to the following, including the following:


About 9.2 percent of the 4,149 participants revealed that their next destination is Spain, reports.

On the other hand, compared to the previous survey released for the second quarter of the year (May-July 2021), Spanish citizens want to travel to another European country 26 percent more, which is 48 percent more travel to one of the 27-nation bloc. Although down by 19 percent, interest in domestic tourism is still high (40.1) percent.

Moreover, 65.8 percent of Spaniards said they intend to travel by plane in the next six months, an increase of 18 percent compared to the previous survey.


Italy is only 0.1 percentage point behind Spain, with 9.1 percent of all survey respondents saying their next trip will be in this Mediterranean country.

Moreover, 80.5 percent of Italians surveyed said they plan to travel for recreational reasons. Moreover, Italians remain interested in cruises during their trips (3.9 per cent). In addition, Italians’ interest in travel for culture and heritage jumped by 29 percent, to 28.4 percent of the total responses.

Moreover, although it is down by 13 percent, interest in domestic tourism is still the highest in Italy (44.1 percent).


French citizens are also eager to take back leisure trips, with 74.4 percent revealing that they plan to do so soon. While 43.3 percent of French respondents said they would travel to another EU country, 37.5 percent wanted to travel within their home country. Overall, France is the third destination for Europeans, with 8.2 percent of respondents confirming their plans to explore the country.


Germany ranks fifth (6.2 percent), after Greece (6.8 percent). On the other hand, the most preferred types of tourism for Germans are coastal and marine tourism (17.6 percent) and nature and outdoor areas (17.9 percent).

“Two-thirds of Germans plan to travel in the next six months, a slight decrease of seven percent from the peak of interest in travel during the summer,” the report said.


Croatia (5.4 per cent), Portugal (4.2 per cent) and Turkey (3.9 per cent) are the top destinations before Austria, a preferred destination for 3.8 per cent of respondents.

On the other hand, the uncertainty of the Austrians regarding the timing of the flight increased by 79 percent. Moreover, preference for intra-European flights decreased by 11 per cent – a loss that was mainly attributed to the number of COVID-19 cases during the survey period.

United kingdom

About 3.5 per cent of respondents would like to travel to the UK, 41.7 per cent will travel to an EU member state and 34.3 per cent plan to travel within the UK. Moreover, the main choices for Britons to travel are sailing (5.6 per cent) and sun and beach (25.9 per cent).

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